WebEx as a Service

Collaborate More Productively



How are you bringing together people on multiple devices and standards-based endpoints?
You may simply need small online meetings with video conferencing and screen sharing. But you can add specialized functionality for webinars, training, or remote technical support. You may need global online meetings with integrated audio that can be joined via telepresence and multiple video systems. Or you might want personal video meeting rooms. Cisco WebEx products are all that.


Cloud Conferencing

Work where you are and seamlessly meet with anyone for a fully interactive and immersive experience.


  • Expand interview reach with anytime, anywhere video conferencing
  • Provide relevant, just-in-time training as needs evolve
  • Generate revenue from events, recordings, and collaborative training
  • Manage remote teams more effectively
  • Bring teams together to make faster decisions remotely, reducing cost of face-to-face meetings
  • Share video with almost any off-the-shelf webcam
  • Easily control meetings
  • Specify camera settings using simple controls
  • Start of stop sending video with the push of a single button


Aqueduct Adoption Services

  • Get your users up to speed and comfortable using the Services the right way
  • Guide users and admins through adoption of the technology in a simplified manner
  • Provide Specific Use Case Training
  • Rapidly Increase Usage and Lower “Problem” Meeting complaints by having a procedure

We will work with you to find the perfect solution to your technical challenge, all for free.

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