Industries Served

At Aqueduct, we recognize that each of our customers have unique business challenges, opportunities, and desired outcomes.  We work closely with our customers to develop an understanding of their needs and requirements so that we can determine the best solutions and services across all consumption models.


The biotech industry is challenged with disease prevention today and preparation for the future.  There is a pressure to deliver on real-world outcomes, while balancing environmental pressures and customer expectations.  Our team understands the need for optimal network and datacenter solutions to meet the demands of this industry.


Technology has become an integral element in entertainment.  Our team recognizes the need for increased collaboration in an interconnected world.  Today’s consumer of media and entertainment has high expectations of a seamless connection and user experience, whether at a live concert, visiting a museum, or on their mobile devices.

Financial Services

Our team understands the unique challenges facing financial institutions today, and has the expertise to deliver advanced IT solutions for optimal agility and security.


Our team understands the critical IT needs of our healthcare customers, and need for reliability, and support to ensure they remain operational.  We have the experience to integrate technology into a healthcare enterprise, enabling customers to increase efficiency and meet performance improvement and security standards.

Higher Education

Our team works to find the solutions that meet your budget and expectations.  Through our experience working with local colleges and universities, we understand the unique technology demands that arise among students and faculty.


Our team understands the demands of managing legal systems while ensuring the highest level of security.  It is essential to maintain and deploy advanced technologies that increase collaboration and the user experience for clients and staff.


The efficiency of operations within manufacturing are directly impacting the investments made in technology.  Our team has proven success finding the optimal solutions to reduce costs and deliver on the pressures for accurate, real-time information.

Real Estate

Based in a high growth market, our team has the experience it takes to keep up with the next generation of real estate development in our community.  Our office relocation services follow a proven checklist to ensure organizations are making the right decisions upfront to maximize efficiency and set themselves up for future IT needs.


As a consumer-driven industry, retail organizations must constantly innovate and transform according to demands.  Our team has proven success enabling retailers to optimize their technology strategy, while using data analytics to enable readiness and agility that allow customers to proactively respond to economic demands.


With new opportunities constantly arising in this industry, comes new challenges to overcome.   Our team understands the need for scalability and ease of deployments to increase productivity and profitability.

We will work with you to find the perfect solution to your technical challenge, all for free.

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