Web and Email Proxy

Securing your environment and your users from threats originating via the web or email are important components of a layered security strategy. Whether protecting your infrastructure, remote offices, users, and even BYoD, a comprehensive suite of services are required to combat the rise of sophisticated malware and online threats.Aqueduct Technologies through its Q-Proxy service offering provides customers with a best of breed cloud service for providing web and email security though a cloud based proxy.

This solution includes the following:

  • End User Web Security
  • On Premise to Cloud Web Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Email Security
  • Non-invasive, no-downtime deployment
  • Integrated managed security services
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Compliance support
Aqueduct Technologies Cloud Proxy Services provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Protect users from advanced and emerging threats including botnets, malware, phishing attacks and more, and securely enable cloud applications and social media.
  • Secure your branch offices and road warriors without backhauling traffic to a central gateway, and deliver a transparent, latency-free experience to users.
  • Go beyond mobile device management and enable BYOD with Mobile Security that offers comprehensive protection for smartphones and tablets, with no software to install or update.
  • Inspect the full content of every email to protect users from viruses and spyware, phishing attacks and more, with no hardware or software required.
  • Low administrative overhead
  • Security as a Service
  • 24×7 global support
  • Industry leading performance
  • Service backed by SLA
  • Low monthly cost
  • Access to the portal and executive dashboards
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