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Cisco Meraki wireless networks automatically optimize and deliver superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions — without the bottlenecks of hardware controllers.

High performance WiFi for demanding environments
The number of devices connecting to networks shows no sign of slowing down, and applications are consuming ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth. Administrators must deploy wireless networking that meets mission-critical standards and can deliver the performance needed to provide high-quality, reliable wireless services.
Layer 7 traffic shaping at the edge
Cisco Meraki executes packet processing at the edge. Each wireless access point features a high performance CPU that enforces Layer 3-7 firewall policies, application QoS, Network Access Control (NAC), and more. Cisco Meraki networks leverage the power of distributed processing, allowing administrators to add capacity by simply deploying more devices, without concern for controller bottlenecks or choke points.
802.11n up to 900Mbps
Cisco Meraki 802.11n APs provide high capacity wireless in dense, demanding environments. Cisco Meraki APs are custom-designed for cloud management and are built with enhanced CPU and memory capabilities to enable rich services, including Layer 7 application traffic shaping at the network edge.Industry-leading 3-stream 802.11n MIMO delivers aggregate data rates of up to 900 Mbps, while cloud-based RF optimization with spectrum analysis ensures that Cisco Meraki APs are automatically tuned for highest performance.
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Auto RF: optimized performance via the cloud
Cisco Meraki includes powerful, automated RF optimization system delivers high-performance wireless in high density environments and under challenging interference conditions. Wireless network configuration and client settings are automatically adapted to changing performance and interference conditions, without the need for tedious and manual tuning of wireless parameters.
Channel planning report
Live, remote monitoring and troubleshooting tools
Use built-in tools to monitor and troubleshoot networks and devices anywhere. Keep an eye on infrastructure health, troubleshoot client connectivity issues, and make on-the-spot performance measurements on any part of the network at any time, including spectrum analysis, throughput, ping, and more.
Live spectrum analysis
Proven in the most demanding environments
Cisco Meraki APs have been deployed and proven in the most demanding environments, supporting more than 100 users per AP and collectively serving hundreds of Megabits per second of user traffic to thousands of devices. By eliminating traditional hardware controllers, Cisco Meraki also eliminates the performance bottleneck that often chokes high-density wireless deployments.

Built-in technologies such as band steering, per-user bandwidth limits, Layer 7 application traffic shaping, and cloud-assisted RF optimization maximize performance in the most challenging RF environments.

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