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  • March 20, 2018

Collaboration – An internal spotlight on how Aqueduct Technologies increased internal and external communications and productivity through conducting a unified collaboration suite rollout.

Aqueduct Technologies increases internal and external communications and productivity


The Aqueduct Technologies team is located across five different states, with 70% operating remotely, on a variety of devices.
As a diverse and multigenerational workforce, employees have individual preferences and comfort levels with communication tools.
Many employees grew up on phone and email, or conferencing and instant messenger, while younger generations are accustomed to managing multiple communication streams at the same time.
This dynamic created a complexity in communications among internal teams and it became essential to design one single environment where each
employee could communicate comfortably and effectively.

As a whole, Aqueduct’s heavy focus on email, instant messaging, and audio conferencing, left room for stronger, more effective, collaboration across the organization.
Employee email boxes were becoming cluttered, making it difficult to navigate to critical items and catch up on project plans.
IM provided quick response times, however it wasn’t lending itself to Aqueduct’s multifaceted group environment, with internal and external teams. Audio conferencing was utilized well, however, video didn’t provide easy assess for employees and customers.
Buying the technology to keep up with growing business demands was becoming cost prohibitive.

Aqueduct knew they wanted to simplify the user experience, and ensure that no matter where those users were, or what type of device they were using, they had the same collaborative experience as if they were sitting in the corporate office.


Aqueduct conducted a unified collaboration suite rollout to upgrade the technology for all remote and on site staff, ensuring that no matter where they were, they had reliable communication tools.
For this implementation, Aqueduct leveraged both on premise and cloud infrastructure in a hybrid environment. Using VPN, everyone could now connect to data stored in the corporate network.
They have the ability to share documents, ideas, feedback, and more, in real time.
Aqueduct also implemented Cisco’s Spark application, a simple, and secure cloud solution that allows users to create virtual spaces for every team or conversation, whether internal or external.
With allendpoints connected to the cloud, Spark became a natural extension of the organization, as they could plug and play as needed.
During this rollout, Aqueduct also implemented a BYOD policy, allowing everyone to be on the same communication platform no matter which device they come into the network on.


Reduced the time and complexity of joining a meeting room by 80%, allowing more time to be spent on productivity and collaboration.
Accelerated time to resolution for information requests and decision making with external vendor management.
Decreased project lead time, with each phase being completed more efficiently using Spark technology.
65% increase in employee satisfaction as a result of corporate BYOD initiatives.
Optimized end user experience, enabling remote workers to be more connected to the organization through use of video.
Increased face to face time with customers through use of video conferencing, decreasing the total time spent on the road, and maximizing efficiency of meeting time.


30% of the brain’s cortex is devoted to vision, 8% for touch, and 3% for hearing.
More than 60% of communication is non-verbal. (Human Productivity Lab).

94% of businesses that utilize video conferencing say it increases productivity. (Wainhouse Research)

Up to 93% of communication is non-verbal.

Companies can improve efficiency and prevent miscommunications by enabling teams to see one another (PGi)

“Collaboration is about creating a community, 
and these technologies break down barriers” 
– Manak Ahluwalia, President & CEO

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