Assessment Services

Aqueduct Technologies Assessment Services will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your technology landscape, encompassing the enterprise network, IT security, data center, and your business collaboration and communication systems. Our certified team of industry experts will conduct a comprehensive review of your current state, identify gaps within industry best practices, determine potential risks, and make recommendations aligned to your desired business and technology outcomes.


Aqueduct Technologies specializes in providing the following Assessment Services:

Network Assessment

Aqueduct Technologies provides Network Assessments of our customer’s network, including recommendations to promote improvements in overall network performance and availability. The services are based on a hardware and software inventory audit, field notices, end-of-life notices, configuration best practices analysis, and advisory analysis.

This assessment reviews the current architecture by identifying potential risks and gaps within core routing/switching, wireless LAN, and security network infrastructure.

  • Define the current state of the environment for proper topology, design, etc.
  • Review key device configurations to ensure optimal performance
  • Review network performance of critical links and areas of the network
  • Review inventory to identify lifecycle management issues (EOS, EOL, EOE)
  • Review known security issues and bugs in currently deployed equipment
  • Provide best practice recommendations on design issues
  • Provide best practice recommendations on configuration issues
  • Review applicable next-gen platforms to support evolving business objectives


Wireless Assessment

Aqueduct Technologies provides both passive and active wireless assessments to ensure your enterprise wireless solution will provide a seamless end user experience.

Assessment features:

  • Review wireless controller configuration
  • Provide design and configuration best practices
  • During active scans, we will perform a review of the RF spectrum to identify areas of interference
  • Considerations for the delivery of latency sensitive applications such as video and voice
  • Recommendations for integrated vs. external antennae, mounting considerations, and environmental considerations
  • Provide recommendations of AP placements based on floor plans, areas of density, and interference, coverage requirements


Threat and Vulnerability Management Assessment

Aqueduct Technologies understands new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered every day in various forms. Organizations need the intelligence to discover them, detect them, prioritize them for your business, and confirm your exposure has been reduced. With Aqueduct, you can feel confident that you have helped to protect your organization, customers, and employees.

Assessment features:

  • Host based vulnerabilities
  • Review of current security portfolio
  • Identify security gaps
  • Prioritization and risk/impact rating
  • Advanced exposure analytics
  • Review network risks and threats
  • Simplify compliance and report with ease
  • Provide recommendations for remediation


Storage Assessment

Aqueduct Technologies understands that your data must be readily accessible, protected, and available for your users. It’s imperative that your storage environment be configured appropriately to support your user demands today as well as when your data continues to grow in the future.

Assessment features:

  • Review of current design and configuration
  • Capacity review and optimization plan
  • Review of file, block, and object storage configuration
  • Review of SAN performance, optimization, and potential bottlenecks
  • Recommendations for improving capacity, performance, and availability


VMware Assessment

Aqueduct’s VMware Assessment is a best practice health check that gives you the visibility you need to proactively ensure your service levels. Our team will focus on a review of your VMware environment with recommendations to ensure performance, availability, and management.

Assessment features:

  • VMware inventory analysis (hosts, guests, vCenter, advanced tools)
  • Review of performance metrics
  • Perform technical baseline
  • Workload estimation
  • Virtual networking review
  • Virtual storage review
  • Virtual infrastructure security review
  • Monitoring and reporting review
  • Recommendations for improving performance, availability, and management


Unified Communications & Collaboration Posture Assessment

Aqueduct Technologies realizes that your communication and collaboration technologies are core to your business. Our teams ensure that your system will continue to perform, and be available and configured to survive potential outages of your equipment or service providers.

Assessment features:

  • Hardware analysis of your unified communication components
  • Application analysis of unified communication applications
  • Performance and operational analysis
  • Review of voice quality
  • As-built documentation
  • Recommendations for current and future state


WebEx Adoption Assessment

Aqueduct will align your business outcomes to adoption analytics and change management activities. Customers will receive insight, intelligence, and an action plan designed to accelerate adoption targets by up to 80%. The WebEx Assessment provides an analysis of application usage trends and addresses critical business performance metrics to improve user experience, consumption, and end-user value.

Assessment features:

  • Health Scorecard with overall health usage success indicators and trends
  • User personas, geographic metrics, departmental metrics, feature utilization, and more
  • Analytics of critical business performance metrics
  • Preparedness for system upgrades and refresh opportunities
  • Recommendations on best practices to optimize adoption and improve user experience

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